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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fabletics Review

Last month I posted about a new addition to the JustFab family, Fabletics. To read my original post, you can click here.

I completely failed in getting a review up right away but thanks to a comment from a reader, I was reminded to post this up!

Even though I'm not an avid fitness buff, I was really excited for this package to arrive. My order came within a week's time and I was so excited that I forgot to take any pictures of the packaging. Can we say blogger fail?! If my memory serves me right though, it came in a no frills white plastic packaging (similar to packages that come from ASOS).

In my excitement, I ripped all the tags off right away and tried on the items. Within a few hours I was already hitting the pavement and was out for a run. It's amazing what a motivation new fitness clothes can be, proving to myself once again that shopping is good for my health! Haha. All the apparel comes individually wrapped in plastic, and each item has a Fabletics tag attached with it's original pricing and a summary of the apparel's features.

As I mentioned in my last post I purchased the Reveal set which included the Omemee Sports Bra, Nadi Leggings, and a headband. When purchased all together the set goes for $49.95 as opposed to the retail total of $79.85.

Omemee Sports Bra- Retail Price $24.95

I liked the asymmetrical straps on this bra but as far as function, I was worried it wouldn't be enough support. I'm working with quite a healthy set of ta-ta's for lack of a better description, and it definitely poses challenges when finding a good work out bra. I have to say that this is one of the better sports bra's I have ever worn. The material is great quality, the removable cups provided great coverage, and the bra provided really good support. 

Nadi Leggings- Retail Price $49.95

*small reflector detail at bottom of pants*

I was most excited to try out the leggings and they did not disappoint! Not gonna lie, I wear them as part of my"errands day"outfit all the time now. Right out of the package I could tell these were quality leggings. The material was much thicker than I was expecting but in a good way. Great for cooler weather work outs but fine for warmer weather as well. Once you put them on, they just suck everything in and keep anything from jiggling. They are a bit long on me but because of the thicker material they stay in place and the extra length just stays bunched at my ankles (exactly as shown in the pictures on the site). The best feature though in my opinion is the chafe-resistant design and moisture wicking for dryness. Not exactly sure how they do this but my inner thighs are happy and dry! There's also a small pocket at the top seam of the pants (which at first I thought was a defect), but now it's just the most convenient place to put my house key in.

*key pocket at top seam*

Headband- Retail Price $4.99
I haven't used this yet but to me it's just a standard headband. Not too much to say about it other than it's well made and I think it will last a long time.

All in all, I am very pleased with the quality of the items I received. If you are looking for some well made, quality work out apparel, I think Fabletics is definitely worth checking out. I think it's comparable to the likes of Lulumelon and at a much more affordable price if you purchase the sets. I now have my eye on the Force set which I think will be a great addition to my new Fabletics collection! Right now new members get 50% off their first purchase so it's a great time to try this line if you haven't already. Again, you don't have to make a purchase each month and you can cancel anytime which is great! To check out Fabletics, click here!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OCC Lip Tar 2.0 Review & Swatches!

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars, but better late then never right?!

I purchased these from Sephora a few months ago but you can also purchase them from the OCC site. They run $18 a pop so it's definitely worth purchasing the sets at Sephora that go for $49 for 5 (and a lip brush is included). There are 3 different sets to choose from, but today I will be talking about the 2.0 set.

If you are a makeup addict, you already know what these are but for the newbies out there, these are described as super pigmented and long lasting matte lipsticks. They not only can be worn alone, but they can be mixed to create custom colors. They are also Paraben-free and 100% vegan and cruelty free.

After hearing rave reviews for years, I was really excited to try these out! So were they just as amazing as everyone had said they were?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Jesse's Girl: Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I can't believe it, the day has finally come.

I'm in love with an affordable version my beloved Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner!!! Ringing in at a nice $6.99, Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is all that and then some!

I received this liner in my September Glam bag and I was sooo excited because I have been wanting to try this liner out for awhile. The only place I know you can purchase Jesse's Girl Cosmetics other than their website is at Rite Aid, and my local Rite Aid's never carry the liner. Thanks again IPSY, you rock!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

OPI: Rock Goddess Review & Swatches!

This month OPI has released their Halloween 2013 limited edition mini nail lacquer set. The set includes four rocker-inspired mini nail lacquers and an adjustable skull bracelet. The set retails for $12.95 at Ulta but I have seen varying prices online.

First, I must thank my friend who got this for me. As a polish addict, I could never have too much and a friend that supports my addiction is a keeper, if I do say so myself! Ok, now on to the review and swatches!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wet n Wild: Mega Last Lip Color vs Fergie Center Stage Collection Lip Color

So similar and yet slightly different. That's exactly how I would compare Wet n Wild's Mega Last Lip Color line to Fergie's Center Stage Lip Color Line.

Lipstick shape- Both are round instead of the traditional lipstick shape that comes to a point

Packaging- Both tubes are made of plastic with clear plastic caps that snap on

*I believe both have the same amount of product- .11oz (but not 100% sure)*

Size of packaging- Fergie collection is taller, but I believe both carry the same amount of product

Formula/Finish- Fergie collection is a bit creamier/hydrating and has a bit more of a shine finish. This is a subtle difference but I did notice a little more ease when applying the Fergie line lipsticks.
L-Mega Last              R-Fergie Collection

Price- Mega Last is $1.99 and Fergie Collection is $3.99

Color Selection: The Mega Last line offers 26 colors and the Fergie line offers 10 colors.

Final Thoughts
These lipsticks are almost identical products aside from it's exterior packaging. I do think the Fergie collection has a slightly more hydrating formula which is nice. I don't know if it justifies a price difference though, as it is just slightly more smooth. I think the price difference has to do more with packaging costs and the fact that it's a celeb branded line. Eitherway, both lines of lipsticks are wonderful! They both offer great pigmentation, last for hours, and are very affordable! The Mega Last line has more colors to choose from compared to the Fergie line, but the Fergie line does offer shades that are different. With that being said though, I purposely used the 2 colors above to show you the 2 lipsticks that I thought were the most similar between the lines. If you own one of those, you could skip on the other. 

*Direct shopping links provided via ShopSense*

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles

Here's my horrible attempt at a quick stop motion vine featuring the Dr. Scholl's for Her High Heel Insoles that I received complimentary from Influenster.

I love high heels...I actually prefer them to flat shoes but as I get older, my tolerance for wearing them for a long period of time diminishes. My feet just don't support me the way the used to. 

When getting ready for a night out, a laundry list of thoughts go through my head when picking out what shoes to wear. I always think about where I'm going to be; am I going to be standing a lot, walking a lot, etc.  Definitely a result of many late nights and mornings where I want to cut my feet off. #girlproblems My feet are starting to throb just thinking about all those endless nights of dancing, clubbing, walking the strip of Vegas, etc. Oh to be young again!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

So I'm sure you have all seen these ties before...a stretchy piece of elastic ribbon tied in a knot at the bottom. I was first introduced to them over a year ago because of Birchbox but the elastics were made by a different company. I remember seeing quite a few people rave about them and how cute they thought they were. I was never really that impressed with them and after receiving a bajillion of them in my Birchboxes over this past year, I was totally over it.

The main deterrent for me was the price vs function. They went for $5 for a 3 pack and $10 for a 6 pack. Umm what? I could get like a 32 pack of my good ol' Goody black elastics for under $5 and they worked better.

As you can imagine, I wasn't that excited to see these bands again when I opened up my voxbox.

Although I don't entirely get the whole hype, I will say I'm glad Goody has come out with their own because they are better and more affordable.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Influenster: Sunkissed VoxBox

If you haven't heard about Influenster yet, I highly suggest you go click that link I just provided to learn more! 

In a nutshell, it's a site where you can actively participate in reviewing products you may have tried, earn badges by answering questions about things that interest you (pets, beauty, working out, etc.), all in hopes to be selected to receive free products from companies to test and review. It's all about being active and participating on the site in order to increase your score of "influence." I've been an Influenster for over a year now and some of my friends have joined as well. We have all been selected to receive different items at different times, depending on our interests.

I think it's an awesome concept if you like this sort of thing to begin with. If you are looking to just get free products all the time but not participate, then this isn't for you.

I'm not sure if Influenster is invite only still, but feel free to leave me a comment or message me with your email and I will be more than happy to send over an invite :)

One of my favorite things to be chosen for are their VoxBox's. They have different themes throughout the year and are filled will full-sized goodies to test out and try! I was recently sent their latest beauty related box, Sunkissed VoxBox, and made a quick YouTube video of the contents. I've also reviewed one of the products already which you can read about here. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Sinful Shine with Gel Tech

A few months back I noticed a new line of Sinful polishes at Walgreens. If you are unfamiliar with sinful polishes, they are an affordable nail polish line that offer a wide array of colors for only $1.99. I usually get mine at Rite Aid or Walgreens and sometimes they even go on sale which makes them a freakin' steal! The quality of the polish is quite good for the most part, and some colors I think rival more expensive polishes.

The new line which is exclusively at Walgreens, goes for $2.99 and claims to provide brilliant shine, 5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe in fact! Well, so says their website.

I picked up VIP, which is an awesome bubble gum pink color. If patent leather was in liquid form, the formula is just that. It is a mix between a cream and jelly polish which I really like. I found the formula to be a bit streaky for the first coat but would get opaque nails with 2 coats. Sometimes I would apply 3 coats on certain nails where the polish was not applying evenly.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation

Before I get started with the review, here are my skin stats again:

Oily/Combo Skin
Acne prone skin
Acne scarring and discoloration
Large pores on cheeks
Yellow undertone
I'm an NC 35 at MAC

Wow, can we say perfect profile ad for a dating site?! Ha! Ok, so obviously I don't have perfect skin and I'm so glad foundation exists in this world! As far as what I look for in a foundation: full coverage, not cakey looking, does not emphasize pores or dry patches, covers majority of redness and any other face discoloration, and of course a yellow undertone to match my skintone.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Corn Huskers Lotion

What do you call a product that makes your skin soft and costs less than if you were to try and make a DIY version of it? Too Good To Be True Corn Huskers Lotion.

This cheap, ugly packaged, no brand name hand treatment is a damn gem I tell you! This stuff is one of those rare cheap finds that actually works, which in turn makes you all giddy inside. *Disclaimer: grab a comfortable seat or maybe a cup of coffee, storytime is about to begin...

Friday, April 5, 2013

L'OREAL: Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara

I purchased this mascara about two months ago from Rite Aid and Target and I have been using it ever since. I have to say, it's definitely one of my favorites among all mascaras I've tried and the best mascara I've tried for lengthening.

I have been using both the waterproof and regular formula to see if I could notice a difference. The waterproof mascara is definitely a drier formula but they both work well at lengthening the lashes. I didn't notice any flaking and as for the waterproof claim, I don't wear mascara under water but both formulas have not run down my face or anything like that. Between the two, there really isn't much of a difference except for the fact that one is a bit drier. They both are very black and I find that both hold a curl for about the same amount of time.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Wet n Wild: Mega Last Lipstick

For me, Wet n Wild had always been the brand that was crappy in quality but so cheap I couldn't be that disappointed..that is until a few years back. Talk about stepping up your game Wet n Wild! To this day, I still think Wet n Wild has some of the best quality eyeshadows and blushes at the drugstore and at a ridiculously affordable price!

I recently became reunited with my Wet n Wild stash of lip products and forgot how much I enjoy using them! I'd have to say that any cons to the product are pretty much justified by the price...$1.99. Yes, $1.99....AND most of the time Wet n Wild is BOGO 50% off or BOGO free. You could pretty much find change on the ground and get yourself some of these lippies...crazy.

So what's the good vs the bad?

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