gaud·y   [gaw-dee], adjective
Definition: Brilliantly or excessively showy
Synonyms: Brilliant, frou-frou, jazzy, kitschy, loud, showy, snazzy, splashy, splendiferous

glam  [glam], adjective
Definition: Short for Glamorous
Synonyms: Alluring, captivating, charismatic, classy, dazzling, entrancing, glittering, glossy, looking like a million, magnetic, seductive, siren

Gaudy + Glam = Yes. Please.
Oh and Pandas, love me some pandas.

And that's all she wrote!

Just kidding.

Hi! I'm Kristina, that's Kristina with a K...not to be confused with a C or CH. Yes it matters, and it's probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Nothing wrong with a C or CH but I love the K and I kinda hate the Kardashians for getting all the K rights on words and products.  Now that we have that out of the way... a little about me:

It all started in 7th grade...199_ (let's just say late 90's...I'm having a hard time accepting my age always at the moment), I started using foundation and eyeliner, wearing jewelry, and basically becoming more aware that there was a whole new world of things to love. For as long as I can remember, my Mom would take me shopping almost every weekend to the point that we should have started receiving mail at the mall because we were there so often.

Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Lancome were the first brands she had introduced me to and she always told me that it was worth spending more money on quality products. We also shared a love for jewelry and her rule of thumb was to only wear the real stuff. I remember countless hours standing at a jewelry counter while she examined every single piece before purchasing. To this day she's the only person I trust to tell me if something is a quality piece of jewelry and if I over paid for it or not. 
In retrospect, it makes sense that I can shop for hours on end which in turn has become more of a drug-less addiction...I was raised this way. Thanks Mom.

Many years and many moons have passed now and my love for make up and jewelry, among countless other things, are still going strong! I have to say my love for drugstore make up has definitely increased and much to my mother's dismay, I rock my costume jewelry more than my real jewelry I own. She is coming around on some of my accessories though, I mean who can say no to an oversized rhinestone hello kitty ring?! I love a good deal and I kinda aspire to be a coupon queen...but that's a whole other thing...

I've always been mesmerized by old hollywood glamour and I truly believe the more sparkle something has the better! I do not understand the phrase "too much glitter" and growing up, I was always the one with rings on every finger, winged black eyeliner, accessories for every occasion, basically the more the better. I can't say it was always a hit but I loved anything that would draw attention...I am a leo after all. That's how the name GaudyGlam came to be, it's kinda of how I view my taste and what I'm drawn to and it's just stuck ever since. 

If I had to pick my top interests besides make up/fashion/beauty related things of course, I'd have to say panda bears, diy projects, nail art, home decor, cooking, event planning and talking about all of it! I don't ever want to limit what this blog can be about but it's a bit obvious what's been taking the cake as of late. I guess I'm just saying don't be surprised if you see a post about my favorite way to eat salad layered in between a nail tutorial and a lipstick review. A blog called "All over the place" just doesn't have the same ring as Gaudy Glam...haha.

Wow, that was a long introduction. Did I mention I can talk? A LOT.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me! 

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