Monday, March 4, 2013

Wet n Wild: Mega Last Lipstick

For me, Wet n Wild had always been the brand that was crappy in quality but so cheap I couldn't be that disappointed..that is until a few years back. Talk about stepping up your game Wet n Wild! To this day, I still think Wet n Wild has some of the best quality eyeshadows and blushes at the drugstore and at a ridiculously affordable price!

I recently became reunited with my Wet n Wild stash of lip products and forgot how much I enjoy using them! I'd have to say that any cons to the product are pretty much justified by the price...$1.99. Yes, $1.99....AND most of the time Wet n Wild is BOGO 50% off or BOGO free. You could pretty much find change on the ground and get yourself some of these lippies...crazy.

So what's the good vs the bad?

The Good:

  • highly pigmented
  • nice range of colors
  • super affordable
  • great wear time (at least 4 hours on me)

The Bad:
  • forumla is dry
  • packaging is cheap
  • shape of lipstick can make application difficult

When wearing these lipsticks, you definitely need to make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated. I always put chapstick or a lip balm on before wearing them otherwise the lipstick will look dry and be a nightmare to put on. Moisturizing your lips first will also help the lipstick to look nice and creamy. 
The packaging reminds me a lot of ELF products, where the mechanism that turns the product up and down can be hit or miss. Almost as if the lipstick is a bit loose inside the contraption so it has the feel that the lipstick will not go back down after use. (All of mine work fine but you can definitely tell it's not good quality packaging). Lastly, the tip of the lipstick is rounded as oppose to a typical lipstick that comes to a point. I find that this can make application a bit messy when applying near your lip line. I suggest using a lip brush when applying the product near the edges of your lips. I'm too lazy so I'll just clean up any mishaps with my fingers but for those who do not wear lipstick often, a lip brush will make your life a whole lot easier! As I said before, all in all, the negatives are completely justified by the price and the good outweighs the bad in my opinion.

Here is a close up of the lipstick shape that I mentioned earlier:

*Some of the lipsticks have shade names and a number on the bottom of the lipstick, some only have a number, and some have the name on the plastic packaging only. This definitely needs to be fixed but I would definitely just go by number when shopping for these.

Here are swatches of the 5 that I own:

903C- Just Peachy



970- Purty Persimmon

911D- Stoplight Red

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