Friday, April 5, 2013

L'OREAL: Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara

I purchased this mascara about two months ago from Rite Aid and Target and I have been using it ever since. I have to say, it's definitely one of my favorites among all mascaras I've tried and the best mascara I've tried for lengthening.

I have been using both the waterproof and regular formula to see if I could notice a difference. The waterproof mascara is definitely a drier formula but they both work well at lengthening the lashes. I didn't notice any flaking and as for the waterproof claim, I don't wear mascara under water but both formulas have not run down my face or anything like that. Between the two, there really isn't much of a difference except for the fact that one is a bit drier. They both are very black and I find that both hold a curl for about the same amount of time.

The brush is thin with rubber bristles and is excellent at grabbing on to each of the lashes and coating them. I find that the formula can get a bit clumpy so it's best to not have too much product on the wand as you apply coats. If you like that look though, then by all means, pile it on!

Here is a photo of my eye with nothing on. As you can see...wait, that's right, you can't see anything because I have ant legs for lashes :( #whyme #thisiswhyIwearfalselashes

Here is one coat of the waterproof formula applied to just the top of my lashes. Keep in mind that these are magnified photos so my lashes look a bit cray but they look much better in person (at least I think so).

You can see that the formula is very black and has coated each of my lashes. Again, I love the brush on this mascara because it does such a great job at grabbing each lash. I think this is a great layering mascara as well and does a nice job of separating the lashes when used with other mascaras.

Here is two coats applied to the top of the lashes and one coat applied to the bottom:

I know this isn't the best photo to sell you on how good this product is, but keep in mind that I'm not working with much. For having non-existent eye lashes, this mascara is great at giving length and I love that it's a very black mascara. I do use a volumizing mascara and Dior lash maximizer in conjunction with this mascara to bring it to the next level. However, for what this product claims to do, it's great and it creates better length than any other mascara I have tried. If you have non-existent lashes like me, definitely give this a try.  

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