Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Influenster: J'Adore Vox Box

Only a month late posting this…whoops!

I was sent another Vox Box in February by Influenster which if you haven't heard about them, you can check out my post about their program here.

This box was a nice little surprise because honestly, I have been so consumed with work, I've been neglecting my Influenster page.

This box came with tea from Red Rose, a face mask from Boots, false lashes from Kiss, hair serum from John Frieda, and a giant bag of Hershey Kisses. Some people also received spray lotion for Men by Vaseline and I don't know if this sounds weird, but I was a little bummed when I didn't see it in my box…haha.

When I received the box, I immediately made a cup of Lemon Chiffon tea which was seriously amazing! It literally tasted like a lemon cookie…YUM!

While enjoying my tea, I tried the face mask and it was a very interesting consistency. It was actually very watery which was weird for a face mask. It never really tightened on my face which was fine and it washed off easily. I only used it a few times but didn't notice any benefits from it. I didn't break out so that's always a good thing, but I can't say that I like it. I wouldn't say I hate it, it's just blah in my opinion.

I posted a review of the lashes earlier, which you can read about here.

As for the chocolate, I'm proud to say that I have yet to open that ginormous family sized bag of kisses! #selfcontrol #patontheback

Last but not least, the hair serum, which is another product I did not try. It's to keep hair straight and I already have straight hair so I don't have a need for that product. If anything, I would love it if someone could invent a serum that would give straight hair some voluminous soft curls…how awesome would that be?!

All in all, a great surprise to receive this box and I still really like the program that Influenster offers. The definite stand out for me in this box was the Lemon Chiffon tea…I never thought I would choose a tea over beauty products but it really was that good!

Kiss: Looks So Natural Lashes in Pretty

I received these lashes complimentary from Influenster last month for testing purposes and I have to say, false lashes is right up there with air and water as far as my life essentials are concerned. I wish I was kidding about that statement.

Needless to say, I was really excited to give these a try! So excited in fact, I came home from work with my 13 hour make up face and put these bad boys on!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1st post of 2014!

Let's first start off with the pleasantries, Happy New Year everyone! 2014 is here! 

I haven't posted since November which is crazy, but life just kind of took over (as it always does). I started a new job which is the main reason for the sudden halt in posts, but Stella's getting her groove back, and I should be able to post at least twice a month now.

I did a crazy amount of make up shopping over the holidays (damn you Sephora and your 20% off), and I have a few reviews that I started months ago and never finished. So stay tuned for those!

As for 2014, I made a resolution to not have resolutions. So far, I'm right on track! Haha. 

For me personally, I think 2014 is going to be a year of new beginnings in every aspect of my life. I'll be honest, I don't like change too much, but this year, I'm all for it….Bring It On! 

In the make up world, I'm totally onboard with the pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid!

I'm excited for all the purples, pinks, fuchsia, and all that goodness to start popping up! 

I hope everyone is well and I look forward to another amazing year!



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beauty Blender Dupe for $5.99?!

I swear by the BeautyBlender to apply foundation because it truly applies make up flawlessly but at $19.99 it is a bit of a splurge. I've tried other copy cat sponges that claim to do the same thing but none of them were as good as the original.

The main difference is the texture of the sponge and that difference makes all the difference! (Wow, I think that's a new personal record for how many times I've used the word difference in one sentence! Haha)

If you have tried any of the more affordable versions, they are a much more dense sponge. They usually don't expand that much when you apply water to it and again the density…they are very firm and not soft at all like the BeautyBlender. This prevents the sponge from distributing and blending the product effortlessly on the face.

A few weeks ago, I had heard all the buzz that Real Techniques had come out with their version of the BeautyBlender and it was actually good. Of course I had to give this a try and the verdict is in: we have a winner!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Forever 21: Street Chic Outfit Inspiration

'Tis the season for holiday sales and countless hours spent online shopping aka my favorite time of the year! I recently was on Forever 21's website for hours and fell in love with this studded hat(shown below). What started as a "that's cute" moment turned into lets get a whole outfit together! I love these pieces I found and they are all still available online! For this outfit I would rock a bold red lip, loose wave curls and call it a day!

Forever 21 Street Chic

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Urban Decay: Naked 3 Palette

So I'm sure you have heard by now that Urban Decay will be releasing the Naked Palette 3 this month. Oh Urban Decay why do you do this to us?!

*Picture taken from Urban Decay's FB page*

The palette features more pinks and browns compared to the other 2 palettes and is described as featuring 12 new rose-hued shades. The concept kind of reminds me of the LORAC Unzipped palette but less matte shades and more shimmer. For an in depth review of the Naked 3 palette and swatches, head over to Temptalia where she has posted very detailed photos and descriptions of each shade.

Just like when the Naked 2 was released, I find myself wondering if I need this palette. The rational side of me says no. Not because the shades aren't beautiful, but I have so much eyeshadow, I barely touch my Naked 1 or 2. However, the make up hoarder inside me is screaming "Yes! You need this!"

Decisions, decisions….

Will you be purchasing this when it gets released?

*Some direct links provided via ShopSense*

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sephora VIB Wishlist!

It's that wonderful time of year again for Sephora VIB's...20% off is here! Between now and November 11th, VIB's get 20% off their purchase!

This is one of my favorite times of the year, not only because I feel a little less guilty about buying a crap ton of makeup but holiday sets are in so it's also a great time to pick up gifts for myself Christmas (which I can't believe is right around the corner)!

Here are my top picks, what's yours?

Lit-Lit Kit $19.95

*All pictures are from Sephora.com and all direct links provided via Shopsense*

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