Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Corn Huskers Lotion

What do you call a product that makes your skin soft and costs less than if you were to try and make a DIY version of it? Too Good To Be True Corn Huskers Lotion.

This cheap, ugly packaged, no brand name hand treatment is a damn gem I tell you! This stuff is one of those rare cheap finds that actually works, which in turn makes you all giddy inside. *Disclaimer: grab a comfortable seat or maybe a cup of coffee, storytime is about to begin...

Let's rewind a few months back: my nail polish obsession is becoming worse, I'm changing polish almost every day, sometimes even multiple times a day using pure acetone. To say my hands and cuticles were dry would be an understatement.

Add my incessant hand washing to the mix and my hands were just not the business. They always felt dry and needed constant re-application of lotion.

Now let's fast forward to March, I decided I was going to take better care of my hands. I started researching top hand creams, high-end and drugstore, and narrowed it down to Caudalie's Hand and Nail Cream or Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. Seeing as Caudalie's was $15 a tube, I was so hesitant to try it because if I loved it, that meant spending $15 every time I ran out; and again- incessant hand washer here, so that means incessant applications of hand cream.

So after a month of contemplating if it was worth it or not, I couldn't justify the purchase. I headed to Walmart to get the much more affordable Neutrogena Cream ($3-$4). As I took a quick glance at the rest of the hand lotions, in the corner of my eye there was this no frills, looks like cooking oil, cheap packaged bottle with "Heavy Duty Hand Treatment" labeled across the front.

I don't know what made me pick it up but something intrigued me about it. With its one label on the bottle it just said: "Corn Huskers Lotion provides fast absorbing action. Moisturizes, softens and soothes the discomfort of rough, dry skin." Sounded good to me and the more I thought about it, corn huskers must have some dry ass hands so if this is named after them, it must work for my dish washing, acetone using hands.

Holy crap this stuff actually works! From the first time using it, my hands felt like they just had a paraffin wax treatment. If you haven't had one, basically your skin feels like butta. Seriously, it almost feels like there is a thin layer of wax or balm on your skin, but nope, it's just your skin...soft and supple as shit. It's great.

So a few things to note-

Consistency: thin clear gel, a little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly(in 30 sec. or less)/non sticky

Smell: a combo of baby shampoo and baby powder. I wouldn't say it's a good or bad scent. It's a little overpowering at first in my opinion but the scent faded as time went on and it didn't bother me at all.

Lasting Power: After about 3 hand washes I start to feel like I want to re-apply which is pretty good in my book. Again, a little goes a long way so this bottle could last you awhile. As for when I apply it to my legs or feet, I feel that my skin stays soft for at least 8 hours.

Cost: $2.97 (I know this can vary but this is how much I paid for it at Walmart.)

Final Thoughts: Don't judge a book by it's cover. (A review and life lesson in one post! You are so welcome.) But seriously, this stuff is great. For severe dry skin I can only imagine that this will work well, but not completely sure because I wouldn't put my skin in that category. However, if you want to improve the condition of your hands and feet, this stuff is great. I like to use this at night on my feet as well and put socks on to really lock in the moisture. It's extremely affordable and performs just as well as more expensive options.

*For an extra bit of tlc for the hands, this stuff works really well with the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream. On these days, I like to first put on the hand cream and then the corn husker's lotion.

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