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Thursday, September 19, 2013

OPI: Rock Goddess Review & Swatches!

This month OPI has released their Halloween 2013 limited edition mini nail lacquer set. The set includes four rocker-inspired mini nail lacquers and an adjustable skull bracelet. The set retails for $12.95 at Ulta but I have seen varying prices online.

First, I must thank my friend who got this for me. As a polish addict, I could never have too much and a friend that supports my addiction is a keeper, if I do say so myself! Ok, now on to the review and swatches!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Ramble: Pussy what now?

So I was just doing my weekly perusing on the Ulta website when I saw their ad for OPI's The Bond Girls collection. So I'm quickly glancing over the colors and what's that I see? A polish called Pussy Galore....uh, what?! Re-read for the third time...yup, that sure says Pussy Galore. I immediately start laughing because I'm not thinking about a surplus of cats, that's for sure.

*Image from*

Upon further googling, I learn that this was in fact one of the Bond Girls' name (my knowledge of Bond Girls is quite small) but c'mon, Pussy Galore?! I'm dying. You might say I should get my mind out of the gutter but I doubt I'm the only one that thought that this polish name could also moonlight as a porn title.

Apparently Nars also had a polish named this is as well, both demure light pink colors....haha, of course they are. Some things I guess will always make me giggle like a 1st grader: public farting and the word pussy (which never refers to a cat in my mind).  Pussy Galore...haha, too much!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy St. Patrick's Day Nail Look

I posted this photo on the new Gaudy Glam instagram yesterday (@Gaudy__Glam) and as promised, here are the polishes used. This look was super easy to do and took maybe 10 mins including the drying time. I hope it inspires you to create some of your own awesome St. Patty's day looks as well! I'm really digging the green glitter base combo :)

Green base color: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Going Green
Green glitter top coat: Sinful Colors in Call You Later
Gold Glitter Accent Nail: OPI When Monkeys Fly
For the Rainbow-
Red: L.A. Colors Art Deco in Red Glitter
Orange: Circus by Andrea's Choice in Spectacle
Yellow: China Glaze in Lighthouse
Blue: L.A. Colors Art Deco in Blue Glitter
Purple: Color Club in Jingle Jangle

Monday, March 11, 2013

OPI: When Monkeys Fly

While browsing online, I saw a photo of OPI's Oz The Great and Powerful collection and I wasn't that all. Then a few days later, I find myself gawking over a swatch of When Monkeys Fly at a local beauty store. Seriously, holographic glitter with large flecks of gold...yes, please. I had no idea from my initial online pursuing that those large gold flecks were part of the polish. It just looked like another gold glitter polish online. So of course, I had to have it and I put it on immediately when I got home.

 Now as much as I love how awesome this polish can was a BIOTCH to work with. To achieve the look I wanted, I had to blob that shit on..literally. The formula is a bit thick and the application of gold flecks was sporadic with each coat. Like I said, I just blobbed it all over my nails to get the gold flecks to pack onto my nails. The gold flecks are basically confetti pieces placed throughout the polish so it might have been easier to just apply confetti pieces to my nails for the look I wanted. It dried pretty quickly which was a plus side for how much I was putting on, but if you hate glitter polishes in general...steer clear of this one.  I personally don't like this as a top coat but rather worn alone which I show in the second photo.

The photos below are a bit blurry but hopefully you get the idea.

*For the final look, again I "blobbed" or rather patted the brush on my nails instead of using a swiping motion so I could get the nails packed full of the gold flecks.
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