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Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation

I think the last time I tried a stick foundation I was in highschool...and that was ages ago. It was a Clinique or Estee Lauder one, and I hated it. Fast forward to today, and stick foundations have caught my attention again, but this time at the drugstore. in stick form and shine free...this sounds convenient!

Picking out a shade was a little difficult because there's a number sticker on the top of the cap that obstructs your view a bit. Yes, there's the big ass color wheel but the foundations weren't exactly the color of the display.

The main thing you will notice is the different color core in the middle of the stick. Some were more pink and some more yellow. I noticed that the shade I thought would match me best had a pink core so I had to focus only on the shades that had the more yellow core.

I purchased Shade 310- Sun Beige (which turned out to be a good match) and for reference again, I'm an NC35 at MAC. I paid $8.99 for .32 oz at Walgreens but I know Target sells it for $6.99. Eitherway, it's a very affordable foundation coming in at under $10.

It's about the size of a lipstick but a bit wider which makes it really convenient for on-the-go.

I do appreciate that the sticks are sealed but just like lipsticks, the seals can be broken extremely easily. When the cap is shut, you can't tell the seal is broken with a quick glance. I always pull the cap just a bit to see if the seal has already been broken or not.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation

Before I get started with the review, here are my skin stats again:

Oily/Combo Skin
Acne prone skin
Acne scarring and discoloration
Large pores on cheeks
Yellow undertone
I'm an NC 35 at MAC

Wow, can we say perfect profile ad for a dating site?! Ha! Ok, so obviously I don't have perfect skin and I'm so glad foundation exists in this world! As far as what I look for in a foundation: full coverage, not cakey looking, does not emphasize pores or dry patches, covers majority of redness and any other face discoloration, and of course a yellow undertone to match my skintone.

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