Friday, June 14, 2013

Daiso Finds!

Oh Daiso, how I love thee....

If you're not familiar with Daiso, it's like a Japanese dollar store except everything is $1.50 unless otherwise marked. I love Daiso because there is just so much stuff from candy and stationary, to home goods and beauty products! I seriously could spend hours in that damn store and I don't know if you are already aware, but the Japanese think of everything! I love their clever little contraptions to make life easier and the cute packaging...ahhhh, heaven.

I'm not sure if Daiso is only in California which is just a shame if they are, but they do have a website to buy items in bulk: Not really sure how helpful that is but they do have lashes on there so that's worth checking out.

Everytime I go in, I have to stop myself from buying everything in's amazing how much I can convince myself I "need" something that I had no intention of buying or knowledge of it's existence! #shopaholicproblems

But I must say, this past time I went I didn't get too cray and found some fun things! Please excuse the photo quality...I took them on my phone, at night, on my wrinkled duvet cover because I'm lazy like that.

All items were $1.50 except for the boxes of cotton pads which I believe were like $2.50 (they come in a set of 2) They are super soft cotton squares that are great for taking off eye make up.

Here's a close up of everything else:

Eyelash Case

Umm, can we say genius?! I mean technically you could just reuse an old pencil case and do the same thing but for $1.50 this is a steal. Plus I love that there are 4 separate compartments built in the box. I will say that the compartments don't fit the Ardell's which is a bit of a fail but I plan on just taking the lashes off and applying them to the plastics that came with the case, so problem solved there. I think this is great for traveling and although I'm not a fan of the red or design on the top of the case, I'll probably be bedazzling the shit out of it anyway so no problem there either!

BB Face Mask

I had never tried sheet masks before so I figured for $1.50 it was worth a try. The pack comes with 2 and I picked up the one with the Hyaluronic Acid. I've already tried one and it was decent. The Jason mask fit nicely but it was extremely saturated. There's a lot of fluid in the pack, enough for probably 2 more masks so I do suggest taking off some of the excess before applying the mask. I learned the hard way and had fluid dripping into my eyes which wasn't so pleasant but I survived. The mask left my skin super soft and hydrated so all in all, I think these are worth a try for a quick little face time treatment.

Nail & Hand Cream

As a nail polish junkie, you can never have enough hand cream. I picked up mango & peach and loved the scent at first. However, the more I used it, the less I loved the's not bad by any means but just a little more artificial smelling than I prefer. It's a light weight cream that absorbs quickly, not sticky at all. It's not a miracle cream or holy grail by any means but it's decent and does the job for the most part.

Hair Filter 

So I grew up with this an asian thing? It's all girls in my family and my dad would always buy these for the shower drains because of our long hair that always sheds (poor guy). These are great to catch all the hair that may clog drains otherwise. This is a rubber one which I prefer in case I step on it in the won't get damaged or hurt my feet and it's pink. Score.

Teeth Whitening

I know, I know....super random right?! I saw it was made in the good ol' USA so I figured it couldn't be that bad and I can read everything on the package so that's a good sign. I was hoping if this worked, what an amazing find right?! I used it for like 2 days and then totally forgot about it...didn't even make it the whole week! Fail on my part! I didn't notice anything during the 2 days but I'll give it another go and hopefully will have something great to say about it.

Rice Mold

And it just gets more random! Haha. If you don't know already, I'm obsessed with pandas. OBSESSED. I saw this rice mold and immediately thought of rice panda bears. I don't really eat rice and I don't really know when I would use this, but when that day comes...I'm ready.

Acrylic Flower Ponytail Holder

Last but not least, this cute little find. Now I realize I'm not 5 and no I did not get this to go in my hair. The bow was so cute with the floral print and it's quite a large size (about as wide as the palm of my hand), I thought I could make this into a cute statement ring! I'll post a pic once I actually make it. 

So that's everything I got! If you live near a Daiso, you should definitely check it out! Especially if you need a rice mold, teeth whitening, and an eyelash case and only want to go to one store. ;)

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