Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Sinful Shine with Gel Tech

A few months back I noticed a new line of Sinful polishes at Walgreens. If you are unfamiliar with sinful polishes, they are an affordable nail polish line that offer a wide array of colors for only $1.99. I usually get mine at Rite Aid or Walgreens and sometimes they even go on sale which makes them a freakin' steal! The quality of the polish is quite good for the most part, and some colors I think rival more expensive polishes.

The new line which is exclusively at Walgreens, goes for $2.99 and claims to provide brilliant shine, 5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe in fact! Well, so says their website.

I picked up VIP, which is an awesome bubble gum pink color. If patent leather was in liquid form, the formula is just that. It is a mix between a cream and jelly polish which I really like. I found the formula to be a bit streaky for the first coat but would get opaque nails with 2 coats. Sometimes I would apply 3 coats on certain nails where the polish was not applying evenly.

Without a top coat, this polish has that great patent leather shine...I don't know about 5x more, but shiny none the less. Although the shine was great, I found that this polish takes forever to dry. The formula is on the thicker side so that may be why, but when I wear this, I need to apply a fast drying top coat otherwise I would be waiting forever.

As far as wear time, this is where this polish under performs for me. Because of the rubber like finish, this polish peels off my nails so easily. I've had it come off hours after applying on some nails and other nails it will last a few days before chipping. Eitherway, within a day, at least one nail is already chipping or peeling which makes this polish more of a hassle than anything. Bummer because the finish is so nice. I'll try at least 2 more from this line just to see if it's a consistent thing or only certain colors. Until then, here are some not so good photos of VIP on my nails:

*2 coats, no top coat*
*Taken indoors, no flash*

*2 coats, no top coat*
*Taken indoors with Flash*

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