Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

After hearing all the rave reviews about this foundation, I had to see what the hype was all about. I purchased mine at Rite Aid for $12.79 but I know the price ranges from about $10-$13 depending on where you purchase it. I purchased 842-Medium Beige and for reference I am an NC 35 at MAC. I have combo to oily skin and a lot of acne scarring/discoloration, so a medium to full coverage foundation is what I look for. I currently use Revlon ColorStay and am very happy with the performance of that foundation and haven't felt the need to try any other drugstore foundations. So what made me bite the bullet and give this a try? I heard a few people say this foundation has replaced their Revlon Colorstay! Say what?! 10 mins later I'm in my car on a mission to get this in my possession.

So what did I think?

Let's first go over what this foundation claims to do:

1. Lasting power of a primer?
Yes. I wore this for about 8-9 hours and the foundation was still intact. I'm sure it could have easily worn for a few more hours without budging.

2. Coverage of a concealer?
Yes and No. Helpful answer huh?! Let me explain. The foundation has great coverage, definitely a buildable foundation that can go from medium to almost full coverage. I applied this with my Beauty Blender sponge and Tarte's airbrush foundation brush. Both applications I needed to use 2 pumps of product to cover most discoloration on my face. For my liking, I would have still used concealer to touch up a few spots but the coverage this foundation provided was much better than most.

3. Blendability of a foundation?
Yes. The foundation has a nice creamy consistency that blends out nicely on the face. It's not thick or heavy feeling and it dries to a powder-like finish.

4. Shine-free?
Yes. Since this foundation dries to a powder-like finish, it does a nice job at keeping the oil at bay. For the 8+ hours I had this on, my face did not look greasy.

So...did this replace my beloved Revlon Colorstay? No. Here's why:

Although this foundation does everything it claims to do (which is amazing, kudos CoverGirl!), there were a few things that I could not get past. First, I have a yellow undertone and this oxidized on my face to a pink undertone finish. This is something I've come to relate with CoverGirl which is why I never used their foundations. 842-Medium Beige looked more yellow in the bottle compared to the other shades close to it, but still not yellow enough when I applied it. I also noticed that when I applied this foundation, it seemed to highlight dry areas on my face (even with a heavy duty moisturizer). I use a magnifying mirror when applying my foundation so I could really see this. However, looking in a regular mirror it is not that noticeable. Although this is nice at keeping the skin shine-free, it's almost a bit too drying for my taste. I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin but that's just from my observation from wearing it.

I do think this is great if you have pink undertones in your skin and like a bit of a drier formula. The packaging is also great because not only does it have a pump but the pump locks when you turn it. Seriously Revlon, what is up with the no pump?!

 I will conclude this by saying that this is the best CoverGirl foundation I have ever tried and I can see why so many people rave about it. If there were more yellow based options and it was a little less on the powder finish, this might have been a whole different post. It's ok though, I'll just keep enjoying my pump-less Revlon Colorstay.

As you can see in the photo above, the foundation starts out as a nice creamy consistency.

Here is the foundation blended out on my hand. I'm not sure if you can tell how the foundation dries to a powdery finish. Again, it feels a bit dry to me and you can see the lines in my hand come through the foundation.

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