Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dollar Tree Finds!

I have to share a few things that I was excited to find at the Dollar Tree today! I love the Dollar Tree and I'm always excited to find name brand items for a $1. A dolla makes me holla honey boo boo! I always go there for my cotton rounds and kleenex tissue (damn allergies), but today I saw some beauty goodies I haven't seen before!

*Sinful Colors Nailpolish: They had at least 5 different colors to choose from. I picked up Savage which is a bluish teal matte polish. I was a little thrown off by how the polishes were packaged because if you have ever purchased these polishes at the drugstore, they aren't packaged individually like the picture above. Either way, for $1, I'm not complaining.

*Goody Spin Pins: OMG....I almost died when I saw these for $1. I swear by these spin pins to keep my hair up and out of my face. I have long, thick hair and these are amazing at keeping my hair in a bun. I use these at night as well when I'm sleeping and they are great at keeping my hair secure and they don't cause kinks in my hair. Crazy thing is, these are still currently sold at Target for almost $6 and other drugstores for almost $7! Such an amazing find!

*Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow: Just like the Sinful polish, I have never seen Rimmel packaged this way but I'm actually glad because you know no one has tampered with the product. There were two colors being sold: Precious Rose- a light pink shade and Royal Linen- a shimmering nude shade which is what I picked up. I can always use a highlight shade and for a $1...seriously? You can't beat that.

Next time you are at your local Dollar Tree, definitely check out the beauty section. You never know what you may find! Happy Hunting!

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