Friday, April 12, 2013

Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive VS. DUO Dark Tone Lash Adhesive

When you wear false lashes as much as I do *cough* almost everyday, it's important to use a good lash adhesive. For years I have sworn by DUO's Lash Adhesive in dark tone. Nothing drives me crazier then when I see pieces of white lash glue dried on the lids or lash band. Yuck.

About a month ago, I saw that Revlon had a dark version of their precision lash adhesive at my local Walmart. It was about $4 and I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did....seriously, my new holy grail lash adhesive!

Compared to my previous beloved DUO Dark Tone lash adhesive, there are a few things that stand out  to make this product the obvious winner in my book.

1. Application: Revlon's PL has a brush applicator similar to liquid liner. At first I thought this was going to make application harder but I was so wrong. It applies the adhesive so precisely and easily on the lash band, you end up not over doing it. With the DUO, you are squeezing it out of a tube so it's easy to squeeze out too much and get the glue on not just the band but the actual lashes as well.

2. Color: Revlon's PL is black! You can definitely see in the photo below how black the glue is compared to DUO. With Revlon's PL, I never have to worry that lash glue is visible on the band. It also dries to the same dark black which makes the lash band blend seamlessly with black liner.

3. Staying Power: I've never really had a problem with lashes coming off on their own and up until now, DUO was the best adhesive I have ever used. However, after trying Revlon's PL, I can tell there's a difference between the two. With Revlon's PL, I find that you have to work a bit quicker when applying the lashes because this stuff adheres quick and it stays put! When I'm ready to take my lashes off at the end of the day, they are still very secure on the lid. There is a bit of a tug on my lash as if I had just freshly glued them on so definitely be careful when removing lashes! When I use the DUO, they come off much easier. The staying power still lasts all day but the bond is just not as strong. Usually at the end of the day my lashes will start to loosen from the lid, almost to the point that if I wear hit in the face with a strong gust of wind, my lash would start to come off.

Final Comments: I absolutely love the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive and recommend it to anyone that wears falsies! Again, you do need to work a bit quicker with this glue because once it adheres, it stays put! Be extra gentle when removing your lashes and use a good eye make up remover to remove any glue left on the lid.

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