Monday, April 15, 2013

Essence: Eyeliner Pen

As I continue my quest for cheaper alternatives of liquid eyeliners, I came across this particular one at ULTA. I've never used anything from the Essence brand but I have heard good things about some of their products. I hadn't heard anything about this particular product, but for $2.99, it was definitely worth a try.

From my first use, this product reminded me of my absolute favorite: Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. This was super exciting for me. The liner was nice and dark black, the tip was perfect for precise application and winging out the liner, and it stayed put all day on me. It's not water proof or as smudge proof as Stila's, but for the price I thought this was an amazing liner.

Then day 5 came around...the pen was drying up. I had stored the pen upside down from the beginning to avoid this but no luck. I was able to use it but the liner was no where near as black as the first couple of days. I'm super disappointed about this but I also wonder if the longevity of the pen would be different had I ordered this online. I say this because in store the pen is not sealed so anyone can open it up and try it a thousand times before you actually purchase it and take it home. I read some reviews where people complained about the pen drying up, but they didn't specify if they purchased this in store or online.

*Swatched on Day 5. Not as black as Day 1*

I do like this liner enough to purchase it online and give it another go. If it doesn't dry up within a month, then folks, we have a pretty amazing dupe for Stila's eyeliner at a fraction of the price! Stila's eyeliner is $20 which is why I've been on a witch hunt since I fell in love with it. Stay tuned!

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