Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Style Haul Spring Nails Giveaway: I Won!

So I received a wonderful message this morning on one of my Instagram photos from Style Haul:

I was so excited, I had completely forgotten I entered this Nail Art Giveaway hosted by Style Haul and China Glaze! You might remember these nails, which I posted on my Instagram and here on the blog. This is the first nail contest I have ever won so I'm super happy!

I went over to Style Haul's Instagram and saw the photo collage they put together of the winners. So exciting! Then I realized, wait I didn't get any tag notificiations on this photo and as I browsed through their other photos, I saw they featured my nail design on Friday as well! I realized, oh snaps, they tagged the wrong Gaudy Glam :( They tagged Gaudy_Glam (some dude) instead of Gaudy__Glam. What's the difference? I have 2 underscores in my name...uhh, total FAIL on my part for using 2 underscores.

I was totally ok with everything until I saw this:

NOT COOL!!!! Trying to take credit for something you know is not yours?! I don't know if this person also took the extra step in emailing their contact info as well and in turn will be receiving my prize of Spring China Glaze not cool AND leaving a comment after mine! Tisk Tisk.

But anyway, the silver lining is when I went to change my IG name, the original name I wanted was available! @GaudyGlam: no spaces, no confusion!

So I guess some good came out of all of this and I'm still happy I won, even if someone else is getting credit for it. "Will the real slim shady please stand up!"

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