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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator

There's something about finding a product that is super affordable and actually works that makes me all giddy inside! Case in point, e.l.f.'s Studio Lip Exfoliator!

Ages ago I was using The Body Shop's Lip Scuff but at that time I was so young, it was more of a luxury purchase than a necessity.  More recently I have tried DIY lip scrubs and more expensive ones, which I talk about in this review. I don't have terribly dry lips, but I still require the routine exfoliation, especially when taking close up photos for the blog.

I randomly came across e.l.f.'s Studio Lip Exfoliator a few months back at Target and thought I would give it a try since it was only $3. I loved that it was in a lipstick package, which is very reminiscent of The Body Shop's Lip Scuff that I had used literally over 12 years ago.

What I love about this type of packaging compared to the typical lip scrub in a jar is:
1. You don't have to stick your fingers in anything (hello...germ central)
2. It's less messy because you just apply it like lipstick instead of having the scrub going all over the      place when you apply it with your fingers
3. Super compact for travel

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Awesome Find: Splendid Soft Skin

I recently came across this body care brand Splendid, while shopping for a fruit basket...because that makes sense right?! Ugh, leave it to me to go into any store looking for one thing and end up at checkout with everything but what I went in for. Safe to say, I'm still fruit basket-less.

All is not lost however, because I found something I didn't know I needed, and that is this deliciously smelling Ruby Grapefruit line from Splendid Soft Skin! I had never heard of this brand before but after one whiff of the hand lotion I didn't care who they were, I just knew some items were coming home with me. I ended up purchasing the body butter and body scrub but they also make hand lotion, body lotion, and body wash. There were 2 other scents: Golden Blossom and Coastal Musk but when I tried to smell them, all I could smell was the Ruby Grapefruit I had slathered all over my hands. Seriously, the smell is divine. If you like fresh citrus scents, think Satsuma from The Body Shop, then I think you will love this scent.

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