Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walgreens Beauty Sample Box: School of Beauty

Back in July I posted about Walgreens beauty sample box program which you can read about here. It took about 5 months to receive my first box which I explain in the link I just provided. (To see contents of that box, go here.)

To my surprise, I just received my second box yesterday! It actually arrived in the allotted 6-8 weeks time frame! As I mentioned before in both posts, it's free, so it doesn't really matter when it actually arrives but I'm glad it didn't take 5 months this time.

Here were the choices again at the time I was picking out my box:

Although I'm not in school anymore, I opted for the Back to School box just based on the description. I think it was the "dare to revamp your look" that got me. Are you challenging me Walgreens? I accept your dare!

I must emphasis again that this box is free, a bonus if you will, for spending money I would have spent already. I DO NOT purchase items at Walgreens in order to get this box. With that being said, I never have expectations about what is going to be inside. Therefore, I'm never disappointed because this is just an added little perk.

But enough of the jibber jabber, here's the box:

Box cover

First opening the box

All products displayed from box

Contents of the Box:

$15 worth of Coupons including one for Rimmel's Show Off Lacquers! SCORE! (Probably one of the most exciting things in the box to me...haha)

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