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Monday, August 26, 2013

New Eyebrow Favorite: Make Up Forever Aqua Brow

Have you ever done your make up but forgot to do your eyebrows? You know something looks a bit off but you can't quite pin point it. It's then that you realize how important your eyebrows actually are...they really do frame your face and complete your look!

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I know for me personally, if my eyebrows aren't done, my whole face looks off. I also don't have the nicest brows, so it's imperative I "fix" them before presenting myself to the world.

Back in the day I used to use brow pencils (not a fan of them anymore), then switched to mac eyeshadow in Espresso , then to Benefit brow zings. I would still be using them to this day except I've stumbled upon a little new discovery called Aqua Brow!

In the beginning of summer, I was looking for waterproof/water-resistant makeup in general because of the activities I knew I had planned. YES, I wear make up to the beach. Anyways, I came across Aqua Brow and was intrigued not only because it claims to be waterproof but it was a gel type formula which I thought would be perfect for drawing on the "tails" of my eyebrows.
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