Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Favorite Beauty Blender and Brush Cleanser for under $5!

I'm no mathematician but spending almost the same amount as the product to clean the product is not the business. 

I've always used Neutrogena Naturals Cleansers to clean my beauty blender and the occasional dish soap for deep cleaning. (P.S. dish soap with a bit of olive oil works amazing for cleaning brushes as well.) I've been content with how well this cleaned my Beauty Blender, until I started using....drum roll please....

I've known about this brand for years, as many people swear by the liquid form to clean their make up brushes. Although this is a multi-purpose soap, I couldn't justify spending $16.99 on a bottle of this just to clean my brushes. 

It never occurred to me to use Dr. Bronner's bar soap which is priced at a nice $4.74 at Target, until the solid form of the Beauty Blender cleanser came out. 

At my target, the bar soap comes in 2 scents- peppermint and lavender. Lavender is always sold out so I had to settle for the peppermint. I'm normally not a big fan of peppermint scented things but I actually like this scent with my sponge. The scent isn't overpowering so the sponge just smells slightly minty which is a nice refreshing pick me up. 

The packaging has a ton of info on it which I'll leave for you to read at your leisure, but I love that this is an all natural product and Paraben-Free. 

The soap is embossed on the top and bottom of the bar which I thought was a nice detail. 

I store my soap in a plastic container that has a lid just to keep things as sanitary as possible. To clean my Beauty Blender, I do the following:

As I mentioned earlier, I always thought my sponge was pretty clean because I would squeeze my sponge until the water ran clear. There is a foundation stain on my sponge which I figured was from the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I've been using the same Beauty Blender for almost a year now, so you can imagine how imbedded that stain is.

Here is a BEFORE picture of my sponge. This is after I have used it but this is a good representation of how it still looks even after washing it. 

And here is the AFTER picture using Dr. Bronner's soap! This is the cleanest I have ever seen my sponge and keep in mind the "foundation stain" has been around for almost a year! 

When I first used the Dr. Bronner's soap, I actually used it on my freshly washed sponge. I was surprised to see more foundation come out of it so it was a good testament to how great this stuff is.

I loved the results so much, I started using this to clean my brushes as well. It's the same steps as I do with the Beauty Blender but with brushes instead. Once I'm done, I just do a quick rinse of the soap in the container to wash off any left over make up and that's it! 

I highly recommend trying this stuff out because it really is amazing, it's made with good ingredients, and it's super affordable!

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