Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Beauty Essentials & Tips

Already midway through summer here in Cali and I can't believe it! Seriously, where does the time go?!

This post was suppose to go up right after the July 4th weekend, but here we are...July 17th, whoops.

Over the July 4th holiday weekend I went hiking, to the beach, wine tasting, rafting, and tried to keep cool in the ridiculous heat (if that counts as an activity). I know us Californians are known to be somewhat of weather snobs...complaining at temperatures that are laughable to other states and countries, but it's home, and anything over 80 degrees is hot in my opinion. (don't judge)

Over the 5 day weekend, I brought along some products that proved to be great for the warmer weather and being in water.

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Products Shown:
Bath & Body Works Rays of Citrus Body Spray 

I found all these products so helpful and highly recommend them all! I plan on reviewing a few of the items separately and will provide direct links as soon as they are posted. In the meantime, a few tips on how I like to use some of these products.


1. Use a body spray/mist instead of perfume during the warmer months or doing outdoor/water activities. With the heat, you will tend to sweat more or if you are more active, you most likely will be taking a lot more showers. Using a body spray is much more affordable and is usually less concentrated so you can apply/ re-apply without the scent becoming too overwhelming. 

My favorite at the moment is Rays of Citrus which unfortunately is discontinued. It's very similar to White Citrus which is a very light and refreshing scent perfect for summer!

2. Keep your body spray/mist in the fridge. This keeps it nice and cool so when you apply it, it's a nice refreshing feeling in the heat.

3. Use a spray toner like Caudalie's Beauty Elixir to hydrate the face throughout the day without ruining your make up. Also great to use right after cleansing the face and before moisturizer.

What's nice about Caudelie's Beauty Elixir is it not only tones but it also has essential oils in it. Similar to aromatherapy, something about this elixir just awakens your skin and your senses. It does have an herbal/spa like smell but it's good in a non-traditional away. Nothing I would wear as a fragrance but when misted on the face, it's really addicting. 

4. Apply a setting spray like Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray twice to really keep makeup in place. Once right after applying foundation & concealer to lock in the make up and then once more after powder is applied. 

Using the setting spray like this has kept my make up from budging. Even through exercise and water, my make up is completely in tact.

5. Use waterproof mascara like Urban Decay's Cannonball Mascara as a base coat for your lashes. It helps hold the curl better than when using regular mascara alone. 

6. Use waterproof mascara only on your bottom lashes. Helps to prevent the mascara from running in the heat.

None of these tips are rocket science or even new for that matter, but they really work for me. Especially after all the events of the holiday weekend, I was happy to see that these products performed so well!

Products already mentioned in previous posts:

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