Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kiss: Looks So Natural Lashes in Pretty

I received these lashes complimentary from Influenster last month for testing purposes and I have to say, false lashes is right up there with air and water as far as my life essentials are concerned. I wish I was kidding about that statement.

Needless to say, I was really excited to give these a try! So excited in fact, I came home from work with my 13 hour make up face and put these bad boys on!

These lashes are marketed as having "Revolutionary Tapered End Technology," which are suppose to make these lashes feel like your own.

I'm a die hard Ardell Wispies girl so that's usually what I compare all lashes to. My first impression of the Kiss lashes were they were very flimsy/fragile. They were light indeed but almost to the point that I thought if I pulled slightly too hard to get the lashes out of the packaging they would rip.

Luckily they didn't and I was able to apply them easily. These lashes were definitely light indeed, Revolutionary- no, but they really did feel like I wasn't wearing anything, so that was nice. I wore them for at least 6 hours with no issues of them coming off and I know they would have lasted much longer with no issues.

As far as the "tapered end technology," I can't say that I noticed that much of a difference in how they looked compared to "normal" false lashes. 

As much as I appreciated how light these were, they are so light that again, the entire lash itself is very fragile so I found that after removing them, they can get damaged/creased really easily so wearing one pair multiple times doesn't seem too feasible. With that being said, I probably wouldn't buy these because I find that to be a waste of money if I can't get a few uses out of them. I do recommend these if you hardly wear false lashes and aren't used to having something glued to your lash line or if you just need something for a one time event. 

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