Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beauty Blender Dupe for $5.99?!

I swear by the BeautyBlender to apply foundation because it truly applies make up flawlessly but at $19.99 it is a bit of a splurge. I've tried other copy cat sponges that claim to do the same thing but none of them were as good as the original.

The main difference is the texture of the sponge and that difference makes all the difference! (Wow, I think that's a new personal record for how many times I've used the word difference in one sentence! Haha)

If you have tried any of the more affordable versions, they are a much more dense sponge. They usually don't expand that much when you apply water to it and again the density…they are very firm and not soft at all like the BeautyBlender. This prevents the sponge from distributing and blending the product effortlessly on the face.

A few weeks ago, I had heard all the buzz that Real Techniques had come out with their version of the BeautyBlender and it was actually good. Of course I had to give this a try and the verdict is in: we have a winner!

The Real Techniques Miracle Complex Sponge can be purchased at Ulta for $5.99. That's just a little over a quarter of the price of the BeautyBlender! The shape is different in that it has a flat edge at one end which I actually prefer over the egg shape of the BeautyBlender. 

I find that the sponge is a bit softer than the BeautyBlender which isn't really an issue but it is something that I noticed. I can't really pin point if it's something I like or not but it could just be because I'm so used to the BeautyBlender. Eitherway, the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is an amazing dupe. In my opinion, this is the best dupe on the market right now and at $5.99, I would say it easily replaces  the original BeautyBlender. 

If you haven't tried the BeautyBlender yet, I would skip it and just purchase the Real Techniques sponge…it's that good! 

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