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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sanrio Inspired Nails

When I was growing up, the Sanrio Store was heaven! I remember blowing out my birthday candles in first grade, wishing I could own everything in that store! I think I even prayed to God for that as well. Apparently, my first grade self thought that was what God was for. Oh to be young. Haha. 

*Image from Wikipedia*

My love for Sanrio even continued well through high school, does anyone remember those picture wallets we used to carry around?!

When I walk into a store now, I see all these new characters and I miss seeing all the characters I grew up with. If you know me now, you know I love all things Hello Kitty, but back then, Pochacco was my favorite and I actually didn't like Hello Kitty at all. #Pochacco4life

Every now and then I  have a moment of nostalgia and this time I decided to pay tribute to what I consider Sanrio's all-stars when I was growing up. Enjoy!

Sanrio Nail Art
L-R: Pekkle,
Bad Badtz-Maru,
Hello Kitty

Who was/is your favorite?

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