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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sephora: 1000-point reward!

Back in February I received an email from Sephora letting me know there was a new 1000-point reward available! I hardly ever redeem my points so I had accumulated quite the balance. I was excited to see that the reward was a 20% off card for one entire purchase. If you are a Sephora shopper, you know that 20% off is as good as it gets!

I noticed this is only available in California and Texas right now, so if you live in either of these two states, you have until May 26th to redeem your points for the card (in-store) and 60 days after you get the card to use it. I assume they are testing this out in these two states before releasing it to a larger demographic. I'm quite pleased with this option but if Sephora wants to increase the % off, that would be even better (obviously). 

So I'm coming up on my 60 days and I have accumulated quite the list of items I need to re-stock on and new items I want to try. I'd love to know what you are loving or think is worth trying! Aside from my re-stock "essentials," this is my list of new things to try:

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