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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Color Club: Halo Hues in Blue Heaven

Holy Halo Batman! This polish is amazing! As I finally get my hands on one of the polishes from the 2012 Halo Hues Collection, Color Club has already come out with their 2013 collection! Oops.

I've been eyeing this collection since it came out last year, but for some reason I never got around to purchasing it until a month ago. I really wanted Harp On It or Cherubic but the place I go to was sold out, so I picked up my third choice: Blue Heaven. Let me just say, no regrets on this purchase! I love this color because it has the hint of blue that I like but in other lighting it also looks like silver halo.

The formula is thin which is nice because you can layer coats without a problem. I found that it was a little streaky so about 3 light coats was perfect for me. I absolutely love the holographic effect! It looks exactly the same on your nails as it does in the bottle! But I'm sure you could care less about what I have to say about the polish, let's let the photo do the talking!

*3 coats applied, no top coat. Taken in direct sunlight, no filter on photo.*

Can we just all take a moment to awe over how effing amazing this polish is?! Ugh, I can't. Seriously, speechless.  In love. The end.

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